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Welcome to AlphabenExpo, the right platform to find the finest products & excellence services every trader desires. When the world got agitated due to Covid-19 we decided to found an export company located in Kolkata, India. We thoroughly check the quality of each goods, and work only with reliable suppliers so that you receive the best quality products at the affordable prices. Also, most significantly, we believe in customer satisfaction, so we always strive to deliver our best. Today when I look back, long story cut…a native girl started her journey from a village to build up career in a hasty busty city, Kolkata. In 10 yrs. she decided to drop out a lucrative service to start something on her own. It was never easy to follow passion but by having the never give up attitude & endless spirit over hurdles she believes that she is on the right track. AlphabenExpo is not just a company, it's a vision and a platform for those who wants to achieve success in their respective field. We eagerly look forward to work with you to develop and enhance your current business across the globe.

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"We don't want to push our ideas on to customers, we simply want to make what they want."

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