AlphabenExpo introduces its home décor collection Alpana – a ritual of India

Everyone loves a new home decor line, especially when it is contemporary, up-to-date and yet has a flavour of rural tradition. We’re a small company with big dreams and we’re ready to share our story. With a team of focused and innovative artists, we’ve created a wide range of products that will satiate your home decor needs.

Late Alpana Chatterjee

Being inspired by my mom’s name Alpana and its beautiful signification with India’s folk art culture I wished to cater all types of home decoration items under one platform. This initiative is a tribute to my beloved mother and the entire artist community to make this art sustainable and spread this culture worldwide.

Alpana refers to colorful hand-painted motifs mostly by the women of the house. It is drawn by a paste of rice or flour mixed in water on all the auspicious occasions of Bengal. It is widely known as Rangoli in other states of India. Few common motifs include the sun, swastika, a rice stem, an owl, a ladder, a plough, the footprints of the goddess Lakshmi, a fish, betel, a lotus, shankhalata (a snake), etc. and sometimes just some abstract art too. Our new line is the perfect answer to the demand for both style and ease.

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